Friday, August 16, 2013

Pass Assembly Bill A.7994

After having written my local Assembly person, Brian Curran, to fire Reformy John King, he wrote back the following:

Thank you for your recent email.  I appreciate and encourage your initiative and participation in the legislative process.

 The Assembly Bill A.7994 was referred to the education committee in June of this year.  This bill’s purpose is to withdraw New York State from the Common Core and Race to the Top programs.  The mandates associated with these programs are causing undue stress on our educational institutions as well as our children’s educational experience.  The costs of implementing the provisions of these programs have proven to be a financial burden placed upon our schools. Please be advised that I am a co-sponsor of this bill. 

Here is the bill's page. It's sponsored by 25 GOP Senators, apparently. I'm wary of Republicans, but lately equally wary of Democrats. The current bill's language is right here. It's simple and straightforward, and seems to say precisely what Mr. Curran claimed.

So here's my question--Why aren't we organizing marches and demonstrations to pass this bill? Since Race to the Top is just what Curran says, since it imposes junk science as teacher evaluation, what is wrong with his suggestion? And since Common Core has never been researched, field-tested, or proven valid, why are we painting the majority of New York's children as failures based on such nonsense?

Shouldn't we support politicians who do the right thing?
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