Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Home Improvement At It's Finest

That legend comes off a truck I passed, and I thought, "I won't be calling those guys anytime soon. Perhaps we can overlook capitalizing "at," but how can they be the finest if they can't even get a possessive pronoun right? Couldn't they at least get someone to check that truck before putting it out on the street?"

But maybe I'm being too hard on them. Who knows? Maybe they can put up a roof better than anyone. Lord knows virtually anyone could do it better than I could. (I REALLY wanted to say "better than me" right there, but I'm nervous about doing that in a column where I'm bitching about grammar.)

I once taught my wife to drive. It was a disaster. She almost drove into the canal. But before I got her to finally stop, she did some serious damage to my car.

When I brought it into the body shop, the guys were highly amused I was a teacher. "Oh, he's a teacher. What does he know?"

And their assumption, a very good one, was that I knew nothing about how to fix cars. I have to admit they did very good work, and seemed to take it easy on me. But there's a dual-edged sword there--first, they need to treat me well. However, they only needed to do that because as a teacher, I must be supremely ignorant. After all, do they teach you to do body work in school? If they don't, what's the point of going there anyway?

So I wonder whether I'm too tough on those home improvement guys. It doesn't matter a whole lot because I improved the heck out of my home after Sandy. But stuff like that really makes me nuts. If I were in a position to hire someone and saw that on a resume, it would go straight into the trash.

But if the position were in a body shop or putting up siding, I might be losing the very best candidate there is just because of my stupid prejudices.

Would you hire those guys? 
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