Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Breaking News: Legal Expert Campbell Brown Says Same Thing

Today, according the the crack reporters of the Daily News, legal expert Campbell Brown once again demanded that all pervy, sicko, sex creep teachers be fired.

Because Brown is a legal expert, she would not be put off by nonsensical claims by the awful UFT that teachers accused of misconduct are immediately removed from the classroom. It's clear to legal expert Brown that anyone Dennis Walcott says is guilty should be fired. It makes no difference whether or not they've actually been declared guilty by the arbitrators selected jointly by the UFT and the DOE.

"We will ride this thing as far as we can take it," said legal expert Brown. "As long as we can run our commercial, and the Daily News will keep running the same story three times a week, we think we can outrage enough people to make this a thing."

"While I have heard a lot of special interests whining about this people are innocent until proven guilty stuff, I've read nowhere that this specifically had to apply to teachers," pointed out legal expert Brown. "Thanks to Mort Zuckerman for allowing me to hammer this day after day. I really appreciate that he places the scary comments at the beginning, and doesn't allow any responses until mid-story, by which time most of our target audience has already exhausted their attention span."

"We won't have clean teachers until they're all working in charters and none of them are unionized," continued legal expert Brown. "That way, we can fire them for bad haircuts. And I can tell you, as a former network anchor, that good haircuts are very important."
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