Friday, June 28, 2013

State Senator Ruben Diaz Makes His Ignorance and Bigotry a Priority for All

State Senator Ruben Diaz believes you should be very careful before assigning guilt when he's involved. Yet it's different for teachers, who are all guilty no matter what.

In fact, because he reads all the crap in the Daily News and believes it, or at least thinks impressionable voters do, he's introducing legislature to "ban sex creeps from school property--not just the classroom." Those are the thoughtful words of some ace reporter from the Daily News who clearly does not wish to prejudice readers in any way.

One wonders what line a reporter has to cross to be guilty of libel, and which junior high school student they've enlisted to aid in the composition of their always-evolving epithets. However, I suppose names like "pervy," "sicko," and "sex creep" do not cross that line. The News gives itself credit for this genius Senator's move, saying it came in the wake of their series of stories, which are indeed a repeat of a series it ran last year or so.

A quote from the Senator, who does not appear to be much of a critical reader:

“I remain disgusted by the Daily News report that cited how city education officials tried to fire 128 school employees since 2007 for sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students — but only 33 were actually axed.”

I suppose the Senator is also disgusted when people are arrested but not convicted and thinks that anyone who the police bring in ought to be convicted without a trial. Because that's what he's saying about teachers, and that's a direct result of the joint efforts of the Daily News and legal expert Campbell Brown.

But that's not all the Daily News has for us today. Did you know that, since being charged is now the same thing as being guilty, that  we are now not only "sex creeps" but also "rapists?"

Brian Kearins, a music teacher at Herbert H. Lehman High School in the Bronx, was busted Wednesday on charges including rape, a criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child.

The 33-year-old married father of two, including a newborn, had sex with a 15-year-old student from this past October to April, according to the criminal complaint filed in Bronx Criminal Court.

I have to wonder whether or not such charges place people in jail in the Bronx. Apparently, they don't, thus the need for the law. The UFT had a pretty good answer for the fanatical anti-teacher crowd, though it's clearly escaped the attention of not only the Senator, the Daily News, but also legal expert Campbell Brown:

A spokesman for United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said the Education Department already has the power to reassign employees accused of misconduct.

“If Sen. Diaz feels that the Department of Education has failed to enforce this provision, he should take the matter up with the department or Mayor Bloomberg,” the spokesman said.

In any case, since they found one teacher accused of statutory rape, not only is he guilty without a trial, but we all are.  This is emphasized by the Senator, and the intrepid reporter saw fit to share his words with us:

“The teachers union should be supporting this bill, because pedophiles give a bad name to good teachers,” he said.

How many garden variety racists say things like, "The bad ones spoil it for the good ones." I heard my friend's father, in retrospect a pretty narrow-minded bigot, say such things quite frequently.

I fail to see the difference between that bigot and Diaz, simply because Diaz focuses his ignorance against teachers. What if we were to say all white, black, green people should be convicted without a trial, because the bad ones gave the good ones a bad name? Would we be bigots? Would we be discriminating against a group?

You bet we would. You bet Ruben Diaz is too. And you bet the Daily News is enabling him and others, stirring up the ashes of hatred against us for the apparently unforgivable offense of educating children.

I certainly hope they are proud of themselves for this campaign.

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