Saturday, June 01, 2013

Highlights of Reformy John's New Decree

For third grade and above, 5% of your rating will come from students. Surveys will be piloted next year and will count the following year. While observations and whatever will count as 60% this year, they will be reduced to 55% the following year. So think twice before confiscating that cell phone, contacting parents, or demanding that homework assignment. A majority of the 55 or 60% must be based on observations from administrators.

20% to be determined at school level. Committee of 4 UFT and 4 admin will make recommendations and principal will get final say. However, Reformy John reserves the right to reject anything that does not suit his fancy.

NY State says principals' union agreed, though UFT did not, on a plan over last few days.

Teachers can choose observation make-up of either 1 formal + 3 informal (1 unannounced) or 6 informal (1 unannounced). These are minimums.

On Danielson--"22 components must be observed annually via observations and teacher artifacts" This enables a gotcha list for creative administrators looking to see 22 things in 15 minutes.--Update--A UFT source tells me this will be an ongoing thing, and that there will be no 22-item checklists.

Teachers may authorize observations via video, will be worth 60% of grade.

"Teachers rated ineffective on student performance based on objective assessments must be rated ineffective overall." This means, in fact, that the 40% based on junk science is effectively 100% of your score. This was refuted by UFT reps, but appears now to be absolutely true.

As previously agreed, 87% of poorly-rated teachers will appeal to the kangaroo court of Dennis Walcott, but will get only four hours to vainly fight for their careers. 13% will be selected by UFT to get a fair hearing. This is based on previous administrations which actually ruled in favor of 10 or 15% of U-rated teachers. However, if the arbitrators are jointly selected by UFT and DOE, split decisions are likely, resulting in only perhaps half of those lucky 13 winning appeals.

I have yet to see whether or not the reformy wet dream of 15-minute observations has been achieved. Perhaps we'll find out later tonight. Update--there is no time requirement for observations.

Partially gathered from tweets of Yoav Gonen, Lisa Fleisher, Lindsey Christ 

View entire fiasco at Gotham Schools.
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