Wednesday, June 19, 2013

King Reformy John Makes Yet Another Brilliant Discovery

I've got a little better handle on why King Reformy John decreed that city teachers need to hit 15 of 20 to be effective, while the state says it's only 9. A more informed UFT source tells me it has to do with conversion charts. While this sounds kind of nuts, it has to do with hitting a target. For example, if you hit your target, 60%, in King's Park or Gainesville NY, you get 3 points.

However, if you hit your target, again 60%, in NYC,  you get 13 points. Hitting these targets gets you out of ineffective and up to developing. As for what you have to get 60% of, I have no idea. As for how you get that 60%, I also have no idea.

King John, being the brilliant thinker he is, has determined there's no need to test the system that doesn't exist and which absolutely no one understands. So we, the teachers of New York City, are taking a long walk into a blind turn, with no idea where it leads.

I've heard teachers criticized for not having an aim on the board. I've heard teachers criticized for meandering and not staying on topic. And of course, I've heard teachers criticized for having no apparent lesson plan. It appears to me that King Reformy John, despite his impressive one year of public school teaching experience, has failed to plan. Now I suppose I might wander out on some December morn in a bathing suit and hope for warm weather, but that would likely be detrimental to my health.

But King John is utterly unconcerned. After all, it isn't him traipsing out half-naked into a blizzard. It's tens of thousands of working unionized teachers, and honestly, who cares about them? The more of them freeze to death, the fewer pensions the public will have to pay. Thus, there will be more money so that Andy Cuomo can give principled tax breaks to billionaires.

And despite all this great news, I still fail to see how King John's decree does not violate state statute.
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