Tuesday, June 25, 2013

City Teachers--Guilty Until Proven Innocent

That's what legal expert Campbell Brown says about city teachers. She's still running around spouting preposterous stereotypical nonsense, with the absolute cooperation of the NY Daily News. Witness this chilling statistic:

Data obtained by Brown and the Daily News show that officials tried to fire 128 school staffers for sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students since 2007 — but only 33 educators were actually fired.

What's missing here? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say evidence. I'm not a legal expert like Campbell Brown, of course.  But while I don't like to brag, I am a high school graduate, and I learned in civics class that here in the United States, we presume people innocent until proven guilty. The DN doesn't do that for teachers, though, as in the very next paragraph they happily characterize the accused:

Many of the school workers busted for creepy classroom behavior have been able to hang onto their jobs for years because of a cumbersome disciplinary process, charges Brown’s statewide group, the Parents Transparency Project.

That's certainly one conclusion. Another would be there was, in fact, an inadequate case against these teachers. Brown is still tossing around the stories of 16 teachers who were not convicted. I know one of these teachers personally and happen to know this teacher did nothing to warrant disciplinary action besides a warning, and that this teacher in no way did anything sexual or creepy.

But let's really look at what they want---last I heard it was to fire people without due process. This has little or nothing to do with predatory teachers.

In fact, the notion of firing predatory teachers is secondary. If teachers engage in sexual or predatory behavior toward children, they belong in prison, period. There is no excuse. For legal expert Brown to attack the tenure system about this is ridiculous. Unless, of course, her agenda is to weaken due process, like Gates, Broad and the Walmarts.

And frankly, Walmart jobs, the wet dream of the reformy, are not remotely in the best interests of our children.
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