Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Unity/ New Action Manifesto

Hi folks, it's us, your good pals at Unity/ New Action. We're running for re-election this year, and there are lots of reasons you should vote for us. We'll list just a few of them below.

1. Lots of ATR teachers didn't get fired over the last three years. Hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of ATR teachers didn't have to go to the unemployment offices, get jobs at Walmart, or sell blood to get by.

2. Teachers did not get a reduction in pay. We could have signed a new contract that reduced teacher pay by 10, 20, or even 50%. But we didn't do that, even though we perhaps could have come to an agreement with the mayor on one of those figures.

3. Last year, many schools did not close. Perhaps your school is among them! And if it isn't, remember that you, as an ATR teacher, did not get fired as a result. Also, as you travel week to week, school to school, you get to see a lot of new places.

4. Think of all the things we did not sell out. Sure, you're working more hours, and after four years without a raise, you may feel like it was a bad idea to give the DOE an extra 30 minutes a day, especially since you spend it in 37.5 minute small group tutoring sessions that often as not achieve little or nothing. But we could have given them 50, 60, or even 70 minutes. That could be even more disorganized, but we didn't do it.

5. Think about how much junk science is in the upcoming evaluation, and focus on how much we did not get. It's only 20, 25, or 40%, depending on when you ask. In some states, it's even more! 50%! But we kept it to a manageable 40. Unless you blow the entire 40, in which case it's effectively 100. But let's not be a Gloomy Gus and dwell on that.

6. We did not get the evaluation system everyone is complaining about. We introduced legislation that would give us a seat at the table when negotiating the junk science evaluation system. Now that Bloomberg torpedoed it, it looks like there may be legislation to impose one upon us. But remember, and imposed system is simply part of collective bargaining, and anyone who says otherwise is a dangerous socialist. Best of all, if a system is imposed by reformy John King, no matter how bad it is, it won't be our fault!

7. Unlike others, who shall remain nameless here, we do not oppose the union. We believe in standing together. We never oppose our positions. We believe in full, free, and honest debate among everyone who supports our positions. We're uniters, not dividers! Therefore anyone who opposes our position has no ideas, because our ideas are the only ones that exist, as far as we're concerned.

8. Finally, think of those big old school buildings in which you work. Think of all the big staircases you have to walk. Now think of all the times we didn't push you down the stairs. Why not? Because that's the kind of folks we are.

Vote for us and we promise things will stay the same.
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