Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Another Day

A language teacher and I have a very special relationship. Basically, every time she sees me, she screams at me. I'm no slouch, so I scream back. In fact, we've altogether stopped listening to one another, and when we see each other, we just begin. Frankly, I have no idea what she's screaming about, and since she's not listening to me either, I'm fairly certain she doesn't know what I'm saying either.

We make a colorful pair, walking around yelling at one another. Sometimes people think we're married. Why else would we be so angry? No one really knows, least of all us.

Today I had to go to a meeting. The meeting was so ridiculous I called the school to ask whether I could leave and come back. I must have been pretty persuasive, because they granted my request.

But when I came back, there she was, my enemy, the language teacher. She immediately began shaking her finger and enumerating all the various things that were wrong with me. I responded in kind, of course. There I was, telling her what a great guy I was, and rebuking her for her incredible ingratitude. All those times I saw her walking down the stairs and didn't push her, and not even a word of thanks.

Finally a kid came by, and shouted, "This is a SCHOOL. Stop screaming at each other and get to WORK!"

You don't see kids that serious every day. We were both pretty impressed.
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