Thursday, December 20, 2012

UFT Comes to Tentative Agreement Over Evaluations

UFT President Michael Mulgrew announced that, despite the preposterous demands of Tweed, there may be a road to a new evaluation process after all. Recent outcries in the press have suggested a solution that may be a win-win.

"As you know," stated President Mulgrew, "there's been a lot of talk about arming teachers. We've seen this come up, most recently in Michigan, and we think there may be a compromise here. You've probably heard the expression an armed society is a polite society. We at the UFT believe that an armed teacher may inspire a polite administrator."

An administrator, speaking on conditions of anonymity, confirmed Mulgrew's theory, saying, "I'm not giving a bad evaluation to an armed teacher. If I think some teacher is crazy, and that teacher has a gun, I'll just give a good rating and hope for the best. I don't care what the principal says."

And indeed, there is no talk of arming principals. Personally, I abhor firearms and wouldn't carry one on a bet. But I wouldn't hesitate to say I had one if it would keep some crazy administrator from judging me based on junk science test scores.

Mayor Bloomberg has not yet responded to the compromise offer. Mulgrew was very clear that this was only about arming teachers, and that if administrators were armed as well, the deal was off.
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