Monday, December 31, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Redefines Negotiation

Mayor Bloomberg is shocked and stunned that teachers want more money. How dare they make such frivolous demands when he's trying to enact a junk-science-based evaluation system? Clearly they don't grasp the nature of the emergency in city schools. Mayor Bloomberg simply cannot fire enough teachers under the current system, and unless he gets a legal basis to fire them for no good reason, he won't be able to fire them for no good reason.

Bloomberg is aghast that the UFT would claim teachers haven't had a raise in four years. Don't they get step promotions for experience? Aren't they raises? Just because all other city employees got 8% between 2008-2010, does that mean teachers should get it too? And those uppity teachers, rather than bow down to his financial superiority, say things like, "Cops and firefighters get step increases too."

It's difficult being mayor when people throw things like that in your face. Over at the Panel for Educational Policy, what passes for a Board of Education in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has 8 of 13 votes and can pretty much do whatever he goshdarn pleases. And collective bargaining, to Michael Bloomberg, means he tells you what you're going to get, you take it, and then you shut the hell up.

So Bloomberg has made a complaint to PERB. If he can't have a system that will hold teachers' feet to the fire, and that can be monitored by the public, he won't agree to anything. Let's ignore the fact that state law expressly prohibits public monitoring of these evaluations. For now, we'll also ignore that the law appears to have no teeth, and that parents will almost certainly be able to leak the results to the press. Bloomberg is not concerned with quality teachers or quality education. He simply wants to get rid of teachers and privatize, so his rich buds can benefit from the all the money that goes into education.

And all this posturing to the press is nothing but a never-ending temper-tantrum, from a megalomaniac surrounded by sycophants who enable and encourage the disease Michael Bloomberg mistakes for educational expertise.
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