Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where Is This Man?


This is the President I voted for in 2008, speaking for the power of people to organize. This is the President I've missed for four long years, as he failed to find those comfortable shoes and materialize in Wisconsin, as he failed to support, let alone pass, the Employee Free Choice Act, as he failed to stop the ruinous Bush tax cuts.

Now he has another term, and teachers are saying it's time to dump Arne Duncan, who lacks the sensitivity of a number two pencil, who publicly declared that Katrina was the best thing to happen to education in New Orleans. Sure, if you're a privatizer, or a corporate shill looking to beef up your portfolio on the backs of helpless schoolchildren. Or if you think drowning low-scoring children is a good way to juke the stats. 

To this, rumors abound. One is this--if Arne Duncan goes, Michelle Rhee will take his place. I presume that is supposed to scare us, so we say, oh no, Mister Obama, PLEASE keep Arne Duncan, because even though he hates us and everything we stand for, he's better than that scary Michelle Rhee! Actually, I see little difference. They are both fanatical "reformers" who can't be bothered with facts. Anything that comes out of Bill Gates' platinum-plated ass is good enough for school children. We can't wait to test the theories, and we must ignore all studies and experiences that say they don't work.

I didn't vote for this, and this isn't hope and change. If I wanted someone who was going to oppose science, I could've voted for Romney, Ryan, Maverick Johny McCain, Sarah Palin, and all the good old boys and girls on Fox.

The AFT and NEA endorsed Obama, and he won by a small margin. For the life of me I have not the foggiest notion why they did not extract concessions from him first. And for the life of me I see no reason whatsoever that he should do us any favors now. I'd love to see that guy in the video above.

That's a man I could support. That's a man who deserves the support of working Americans like you and me.

But again, where is that man?
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