Monday, November 05, 2012

The Value of a Good Electrician

With the green tag on our house, our town turned on our electricity. It turns out they really can do it one house at a time. We and three neighbors now have power.

However, our electrician warned us not to use it until he came over. He tested circuits one by one, and it turns out we have quite a few loose wires underwater in our crawl space. We know that because they caused a small fire, which the electrician quickly extinguished. Tomorrow he and a plumber will drain the crawl space and remove or replace the offending wires.

Then they will install a new gas furnace, which apparently can mount to the ceiling rather than sit on the floor so as to wait to be destroyed by the next flood. So if we get that far, we will have not only power, but also that heat stuff I've been hearing so much about.

And if we ever get that far, I'll probably start writing about education again. I'm hoping Wednesday's storm proves far less educational than Sandy did.

Time will tell.
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