Friday, November 02, 2012

Good Morning World

I just woke up in a friend's apartment. Even though there is power, I haven't got an alarm clock. I have no idea exactly what time Mayor Bloomberg wants me to report to my school to not teach. It's good I'm not teaching because the only clothes I have are jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. Our town is supposed to get power tomorrow so I may be able to do better by Monday.

But we can't turn the power on until we change the circuit breakers, which got wet. Apparently there's a risk of the house blowing up if you do that. While I'm sure teacher homes blowing up is fine with Mayor Bloomberg, I have to send my wife and daughter to make sure those circuits get changed. It's complicated because everyone who can do this job is pretty busy, but we know someone who's promised to show at ten AM.

Whatever Mayor Bloomberg has in mind today, I will be glued to my cell phone. I don't give a damn about PD and I don't care what it's about.

The other issue, of course, is gas. In my town there is a gas station that has it, but it will take you over two hours to get it. I was able to get a colleague to carpool next week, when we actually have to do something, but she can't make it today, what with no electricity and pressing issues that need her attention.

I have seen the form to ask they don't take days out of your CAR. Pardon me if I have zero faith in the tender mercies of Walcott and Bloomberg, who reject virtually 100% of U-rating appeals, and are outraged that 13% of poorly rated teachers will get fair hearings in the next contract. Oddly, I'm outraged that 87% will not.

In any case, like most teachers, I doubt either of those guys would spit on me if I were on fire. Asking us to come in today was a vindictive and juvenile act from people who have no business in education. In Spanish, being educated implies having good manners. There's a saying, "Tiene doctorado pero no es educado." He has a doctorate but he isn't educated.

These guys don't even have doctorates. On behalf of my 80,000 union brothers and sisters, thanks for nothing, Mayor Bloomberg.

Update: Walcott sent an email at 12:52 AM stating that staff should report at 10 AM.  The lack of consideration and decency this entails is staggering. 80,000 people are getting ready to go to work, and he, apparently, expects them to check their DOE email before doing so.
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