Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bring a Book

Sitting on a gas line, and the word is they are actually pumping gas in front. Was here last night but they stopped before I hit the front of the line. Line was too short somehow, and seemed too good to be true. Today's line is not nearly too good to be true, and stretches blocks and blocks. Wouldn't be doing this except I have to go to work tomorrow, I had to go to work last Friday, and I had to go to a funeral last Thursday. Have been reading all about how Governor Cuomo has released millions of gallons of gas in a relief effort.

Yesterday, he sent 5,000 gallon trucks to armories around the area. This was a nice gesture, but you couldn't get your car anywhere near the one in my area. The one person I know who got there within moments of the announcement waited seven hours for ten gallons of "free"gas. Shortly thereafter, our munificent governor declared this gas was only for emergency responders--police, fire and such. I certainly don't begrudge them, but from the vantage point of this line, the Governor is not precisely my hero.

There are four major terminals that supply gas, and three are currently out of service. Somehow I haven't been seeing that on the news, but it's here. LIPA, for some reason, has not made that a priority, and does not seem to be discussing it.

I don't know how things are in your neighborhood, but mine looks like Katrina hit it. I usually kind of dress up for work, but what with my clothes in my house, and me elsewhere, I don't see that happening any time soon. I hope that is the extent of my work-related issues, and I honestly wonder how many of my students will be able to show up at all.

In any case, I just got a letter of thanks from Chancellor Walcott. I'd like to thank him. Thanks for denying us the raise you gave everyone else between 2008-2010. Thanks for holding up the crap evaluation system because you think 13% of poorly-rated teachers having fair appeal processes is too much. (That's sincere because one single teacher losing a job due to junk science is one too many.) Most of all, thanks for making me come in Friday. If you hadn't done that, I'd have enough gas to hold out another day.

No gas lines for you or Mayor Bloomberg. I guess your transport is covered by the government even though you effectively serve no one but the 1%.
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