Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse Comes to TMS2

If you didn't pick up this brilliant post via GothamSchools' Remainders last night, you should go and read it now.  I LOL'd, especially because the "zombie apocalypse" definitely happened at TMS2 at lunch today.  I typically open up my classroom for lunch a couple of days a week so kids can get tutoring or make up work or just hang out, but today, I really needed those precious fifty (which became forty-three after a conference with a young woman who was trying my patience) duty-free minutes to regroup, for the safety of the children in my afternoon classes.

"Five more days," one of the zombies muttered.  "Five more days.  I can do five more days."

"If I have to write one more referral for one more kid randomly flipping out in my room and yelling profanity," another zombie, namely yours truly, mused.

"Thank God it's not going to be too hot this week.  My air conditioner is on the fritz," yet another zombie moaned.

At one point no one around the table was actually eating.  We were just staring, zombie-like if you will, at the tabletop, wondering why we're killing ourselves trying to keep things engaging and meaningful for these last few days while the students still bothering to come at all are treating class like one giant social hour.  IT'S NOT LIKE THEY HAVE REGENTS TO TAKE OR ANYTHING, JEEZ MISS EYRE.  OH WAIT, THEY DO.

Anyway, the only more likely candidates for a Walking Dead casting call than the kids at this point are their teachers.

Five more days, high school friends.

If you teach elementary or middle school, my condolences.

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