Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crazy Things People Say to Teachers

I admit in advance that this is kind of a cop-out post because I'll have a lot more time to write something good tomorrow, after classes are over--WHAT? CLASSES ARE OVER?  Yep yep.  Today is the last day of teaching for high school teachers, WHAT WHAT.

Anyway, Mr. Eyre, who ordinarily is very thoughtful and sensitive when it comes to my work, is all confused about the last day of school.  He asked me if I could come and have lunch with him in the non-outer-borough this coming Thursday (answer: no, I do still have to proctor Regents exams) and then asked if he could have the shower first for the foreseeable future (answer: no, I do still have to show up to work).  My poor dear husband aside, people say lots of crazy things to teachers, including this list that popped up on a teacher friend's Facebook last night.  My favorite?  "You're welcome to observe my classroom anytime you want--please let me know when I can come to your house and observe your parenting."

So enjoy the last full day of lessons, high school friends.  A long post (or several of them) about Regents, the joys and perils of looping, and what to do with all that per session you earned this year (!) is forthcoming.

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