Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Do You Mean It Isn't Summer Yet?

Post-Memorial Day weekend (and hope you all had a great one, by the way), the kids, I think, have a hard time coming back to school.  As I write this on Tuesday morning, I'm bracing myself for the flood of complaints about the heat and humidity today in particular, which is not exactly fun for me either and which I can do exactly nothing about in our non-central-air-conditioned building.

The proponents of year-round schooling seem to forget logistical issues like trying to get kids to come to school in the 90+ degree heat, as well as the fact that trying to get kids to show up for 180 days of school is challenging enough.  I like proposals for year-round schooling that make it optional and fill it with enrichment like arts, sports, community service, and career exploration, but if it's just going to be more of the same, what you'll have in July and August is what I anticipate having today: 60-70% attendance, and the kids in attendance being sweaty, cranky, and apathetic.

As I said to Mr. Eyre this morning, "What do you mean it isn't summer yet?" as I struggled to choose an outfit both cool and work-appropriate.  Hope you all stay cool and hang in there for this last push to Regents and summer vacation.
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