Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Not My Job, Man

That's essentially the DOE policy on Facebook and social networking. They recommend you not friend your students. No, wait, they STRONGLY recommend you not do so. I recommend the same, to tell you the truth. But my motivations are quite different.

I think it's a bad idea because it's entirely possible your Facebook comments could be printed out and sitting on the principal's desk the next time you get called in for a friendly chat. Do you really want to explain why you chose that particular string of obscenities? Did you mean to imply something about the principal? Your students? It doesn't matter all that much because you can't grieve the letter in your file until you're at a 3020a proceeding and they're trying to take your job. My advice? If you don't want your principal, your class, and your grandmother to see it, don't write it.

DOE has a different perspective. Go ahead, they say. Do whatever the hell you want. But if it blows up in your face they'll be right there, saying see? We told you! You shouldn't have said that. You shouldn't have done that! Now look. We have to tell the New York Post and they say you're the worst teacher in the world, even worse than the last worst teacher in the world!

That's the late Freddie Prinze above. Not my job, man, was part of a comedy routine he did years ago on the Tonight Show. It was pretty funny. But if the DOE catches you on Facebook, they won't hesitate to go after your job, and it won't be funny at all. It's not wabbit season, and it's not duck season. It's teacher season, and you'd better believe Bloomberg, Walcott, and all their hedge fund buddies are coming after me, you, and anyone else who commits the unpardonable offense of teaching children and demanding to be paid for their services.
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