Monday, April 09, 2012

Trash Journalism

The New York Daily News, along with the other papers, has been covering a group of 16 teachers it's labeled as "pervs" because of their alleged sexual misconduct. The DOE removed all these teachers from their classes, and attempted to fire them, but failed. However, Chancellor Walcott has determined that he knows better than any damn arbitrator.

Naturally, this is not his fault, and it's not Mayor Bloomberg's fault. This is because nothing is ever their fault, and anyone who says otherwise, like the thousands of residents who fruitlessly protest at PEP meetings, is wrong. After all, if Mayor Bloomberg was wrong, why would he have all that money? This is why he was able to change a law twice affirmed by voters and buy himself a third term.

Mayor Bloomberg cannot be bothered with inconveniences like due process or anyone superseding his infallible judgment. That's why Walcott, whose job it is to say whatever Bloomberg tells him to, says these teachers need to be removed. Who cares if the procedures they agreed upon were followed? Mayor Bloomberg wants what he wants, he wants it all, and he wants it now.

Personally, I'm acquainted with only one of the 16 teachers. Knowing that teacher, and knowing the case, I know the case was ridiculous nonsense. Were the other cases nonsense as well? I don't know, but the independent arbitrators determined the DOE had not proven what they set out to. They certainly made the right call in the case of the teacher I know.

But reporters don't always fret over truth or lack thereof when there are teachers out there to be trashed. If they learn the truth, why ruin a good story? Some reporters don't worry about calling people perverts when they're guilty of, at very worst, a momentary lack in judgment. The important thing appears to be tossing red meat out there to all the teacher haters. If it's true, so much the better. If not, what's the dif?

These days, racism is no longer as chic as it once was. It's pretty much passe to hate and fear Russia. You can't nonchalantly make fun of gay people anymore. Sure, there are terrorists, but who even knows where they are? So who's left? That, ladies and gentlemen, would be us, unionized teachers. People who read and watch crap need someone to hate. And Mayor4Life, who denied educators the contracts he granted all other city workers during the last round of bargaining, is always pleased when teachers are trashed.

Still, publishers who issue hateful misleading nonsense and call it news deserve to be sued for libel. I certainly hope they get what they so richly merit.
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