Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Chillin' With Mayor4Life

Okay, now, you see that big guy in the picture? That's Mayor Mike. And the beautiful woman? Well, that's us I guess. What are those chains that bind us? Are they mayoral control? The UFT Contract? A stolen third term?

Whatever binds us, it'll be there for a good year-and-a-half. No sense letting him get too comfortable. I was at the closing hearing at Grover Cleveland High School on Monday, and I was just a little bit upset. I may have said one or two uncomplimentary things about Michael the Hut and his band of Tweedies. I could have researched good things about the school and made some kind of impassioned plea, but figured the DOE rep was probably playing a Pacman game under the table and just waiting for the moment he could go home.

Leo Casey pointed out that Cleveland did not meet the DOE's own criteria for a closing school. He asked what a parent would say if a teacher laid out requirements for passing, the kid met said requirements, and then failed anyway. As a parent, I would not be jumping up and down with happiness.

These hearings will be going on all month. You should catch one, or three, and stand up for the schools Bloomberg is closing in a fit of pique. Maybe if they hear enough of us, something will rattle around in their lizard brains and they'll come to their senses. Probably not. But if they're going to chain us, or our schools, to their repugnance, we might as well make it as difficult as we possibly can.

There's nothing quite like seeing an entire community lined up against Bloomberg "reforms." And there's nothing quite like seeing firsthand Tweed's indifference to education, community, reality, and anything else our billionaire mayor deems inconvenient. Come out. Sign up. Speak. Remember this administration as the abomination it is, and work like hell so history doesn't repeat itself in 2013.
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