Thursday, March 08, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!!!: Teacher Job Satisfaction Has Declined

With apologies to the surely-well-intended folks at the MetLife Foundation for the sarcastic title, I present to you the MetLife Teacher Survey for 2011. It's long, and if you're busy (and in the long slog that is March, we're all busy), you can probably pack it in after p. 7. Basically, teacher job satisfaction overall is at 44%, based on the teachers surveyed, the lowest point in 20 years.

I am not going to comment on the whole survey, because I cannot possibly stay awake long enough to read all of it. I'm exhausted. We're doing Shakespeare nowadays in Miss Eyre's class, and the highly kinesthetic lessons that are way fun for the kiddos are way exhausting for me. But this is the Miss Eyre Foundation Teacher Survey, as presented by Miss Eyre, with Miss Eyre's job satisfaction percentages.

Satisfaction with aforementioned kiddos: 92% (come on, you liars, no one is 100%!)

Satisfaction with kiddos' parents: about the same

Satisfaction with colleagues: 98%

Satisfaction with administration: 100% (they're a small sample, and I'm lucky to have good ones)

Satisfaction with coffeemaker in staff room: 257%

Satisfaction with compensation: 50%

Satisfaction with how my colleagues are depicted in the mainstream media: -117%

Satisfaction with how my colleagues are spoken of by the mayor: -189%

Satisfaction with how the New York Post depicted one of the city's thousands of loving and hardworking teachers, Pascale Mauclair: -542%

Satisfaction with a culture that claims to value education, but continues to sell the current generation of my kiddos a load of crap that distracts from their allegedly valuable education: -897%
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