Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Close We Can Taste It...

Don't want to jinx it, but the approach to holiday break has been pretty low-key here at TMS2. We had our staff party, a few advisories are doing some modest celebrations, cookies have been exchanged and vows to NOT try to get into the building have been made. And, most importantly, none of our darlings have made any egregiously bad errors in judgment that would have disrupted the holiday spirit.

(So far. Knock on wood. As I write this, we still have two nearly-full days of school to brave.)

It's strange...I've been so run-down the past couple of weeks, but these last few days have given me a pretty serious second wind. I'll be sprinting to three o'clock tomorrow with a smile on my face. Not looking forward to facing the traffic to get out of town, but that can't be helped.

Once we get back, it's going to get intense with the approach of Regents Week and first-semester grades, so enjoy your time off for whatever holiday you are celebrating or ignoring. This will be the last time you hear from Miss Eyre before the Christian holidays, so if you are celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus, Merry Christmas, and if not, Merry Sleeping Late and Watching TV. It's cool. We're inclusive here at NYC Educator.

See you next week!
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