Thursday, November 24, 2011

Generosity: A Post for Thanksgiving

The scene: Miss Eyre's tenth-grade English class. After reading nonfiction pieces about responses to tragedies, a small group is discussing the topic of generosity.

STUDENT 1: I am generous. If any of y'all got kicked out of your house, I would let you sleep on my couch.

STUDENT 2: Your couch? Why not your bed?

STUDENT 1: Ewwww! You nasty.

STUDENT 2: Then why don't YOU take the couch and I take your bed?

STUDENT 1: Oh no. You're already in MY house. Let's not push it here.

STUDENT 3: If you're not nice to her, she's gonna make you sleep on the floor.

STUDENT 1: That's right. You could forget the couch. In fact, you know what, [Student 2's name]? You ever get kicked out of your house, I PROMISE you, you're gonna be sleeping on my FLOOR. You can still come to my house. But you're not TRYING to get my bed or my couch, nuh-uh.


Let us all remember to be generous to everyone on the holiday we call Thanksgiving--including ourselves, by taking a day or two off from grading papers and planning lessons. Travel safely, if you're traveling, and enjoy the time off!

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