Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Only Progress Report That Matters

So the high school progress reports were released yesterday. The principal here at TMS2 was, justifiably, excited about our results and sent out a warm all staff e-mail as soon as he got the report. Whatever you may think about the progress reports, and they remain controversial, no one's going to argue much with a good one, and doing well on it does typically mean less harassment from the higher-ups.

Anyway, when I got the e-mail, there were a few students in my room working on papers and reading, and I said to them, "Hey, our progress report came out. We did really well."

They asked how well, and I told them, having just talked about percentile ranks with them in regards to their recent taking of the PSATs. They knew, then, what the number meant.

"So we did really well," I said to them again.

They looked at me, mildly bemused. "Well, yeah. Duh. We know this is a really good school. Like, we complain about it and stuff, but it's good here."

And that, my friends, is the only progress report that really matters.
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