Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life Without a School Aide, Day 1

We were welcomed back from the long weekend by not one, not two, but three malfunctioning copiers. Two were completely out of ink and a third was mysteriously and repeatedly jamming. As you can imagine, a school full of teachers anxious to hit the ground running on a new week and three malfunctioning copiers is not really a great combination.

We took some deep breaths. We prioritized and de-prioritized. We ran only as many copies on the one functioning machine as were absolutely necessary to get us through first period to make the line move quickly. We're grown-ups. We got through it.

But I wonder if Mayor Bloomberg or Chancellor Walcott ever has to wait to make copies on one functioning copier. Well, of course not; first of all, they have people to do those things for them, and something tells me their copiers stay in tip-top shape because their assistants won't be laid off.

Meanwhile, today is our school's first day without Alice, our school aide who was laid off last week. Alice doesn't know how she's going to make her mortgage payment this month, and we don't know how we're going to get through indefinitely with one functioning copier or who might fix the broken ones. See, that used to be Alice's job.

Should be a fun couple of weeks around here as we adjust to life without Alice, the obviously inessential school aide.
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