Friday, October 07, 2011

Death of a Thousand Cuts

Mayor Bloomberg, because he puts Children First, is cutting school budgets by 2%, after having cut them even more extensively last year. Children are indeed the first to be cut, the next to be cut, and next year, it appears he'll cut them yet again.

Because jobs are important in Mayor Bloomberg's New York, he's firing 700 low-paid DC37 workers. This will make our city a better place. After all, we need money to make up for the millionaire's tax that's about to sunset. We're gonna lose 5 billion dollars a year. Those DC37 workers would likely have spent it on things like clothes, rent, food and other things that would keep other people working.

Fortunately, billionaires like Mayor Bloomberg know better what to do with money. They can invest it in companies that will pay out to top execs, who will invest it in something else, none of which will create jobs, encourage jobs, or help the unemployed DC37 get jobs. That's Mayor Bloomberg's genius, and that's why he needed that third term.

And every day Murdoch's lackeys at the Post wonder why Wall Street is occupied. I only wonder why it didn't happen years ago.
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