Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Andy Cuomo's Principles

Governor Andrew Cuomo is standing up. His Dad Mario felt very strongly that the death penalty was a moral outrage, and though public opinion was against him, he vetoed death penalty bills repeatedly. Andy has decided to do the same, except his issue is the millionaire's tax. Who will stand up and demand rich people not pay taxes? I guess it's the guy who took 87K from Tea Party zillionaire David Koch and his wife.

So we now have a governor, ostensibly a Democrat, who has no problem going after unions, but is willing to take a principled stand to save David Koch a little cash. As a lifelong Democrat, this is a little tough for me to take. I didn't vote for Governor Andy, throwing my vote to Howie Hawkins of the Green Party. Some of my friends told me I was wasting my vote. Sure, the Republican who ran against Andy appeared a little out of his mind. But as a teacher, a working person, a unionist, how can I vote for someone who swears to go after unions? With Democrats like those, who needs Republicans?

I'm going to call Governor Andy's office and express outrage that, with schools being cut, teachers being laid off, and working people suffering all over, that all he can worry about is saving David Koch another billion. I'll tell him I'm a lifelong Democrat and he won't be getting my vote in the future if he doesn't sharply reconsider his priorities.

Too bad, after not having a raise for the last 40 months, I haven't got $87,000 to persuade him further.

Thanks to Reality-Based Educator
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