Thursday, September 01, 2011

Getting Our Priorities Straight

The city isn't required to notify parents when there are bedbugs in schools, so it simply doesn't bother. After all, why look for trouble? Tell parents things like that and they're liable to become unreasonable, demanding you get rid of the bedbugs. They'll claim they don't want them sucking the blood of their children. They'll whine that the kids will bring them home and cause further infestation.

Naturally they avoided that, and now those goshdarn parents are complaining, exactly as predicted. When are residents going to learn that this is not their role? This city is about Mayor Michael Bloomberg and making him look good any way possible. How does a situation like this make the mayor look good? In my view, not at all.

So the only way to satisfactorily resolve a situation like this is to have the mayor call the tabloids and have them stop reporting such things. Surely if fewer people knew about them, fewer people would complain about them. Then we could continue with the story that the mayor is doing a great job. How on earth is he going to get that fourth term if papers keep reporting things simply because they happened? Is that any way to maintain mayoral control?

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