Monday, August 08, 2011


It looks like NYC will be using the highly-important Race to the Top funds to create more managers and educrats, just what the city needs. It's amazing that we jumped through hoops to get this money, agreed to all sorts of "reforms" to get this money, and made such a big deal out of it when it turns out kids are the last to actually benefit from it.

It's not just that they won't benefit from the data collectors or whatever the city is creating, but actually they had no chance of benefiting from it under any circumstance. The money was never to reduce class sizes, to promote innovation, to improve instruction, but rather a chance to utilize a wishing well of Gates Foundation ideas hoisted upon the country. Here's a country that adores innovation in education, and no one cares whether or not it works as long as teachers can be held accountable for whatever ends up happening.

The important thing, apparently is to figure out what to do with the data. My guess is it will need to be examined ever so carefully, and interpreted in favor of Mayor Bloomberg one way or the other. Because the Race is not about how well children do. It is, rather, about making clueless billionaires appear to be taking positive action on education.

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