Thursday, August 18, 2011

PEP Rides Again

I continually wonder what the purpose is of the PEP. They simply pass everything. Verizon is bullying its employees into all sorts of givebacks, despite great profits, and PEP approves a huge contract with them anyway. Massive demonstrations to the contrary, PEP simply does whatever Mayor Bloomberg wishes. Then they went and approved a bunch of contracts for outside agencies to run schools.

“These contracts will be approved, but they will not be reviewed before hand,” said Paola de Kock, a member of the Citywide Council on High Schools, who spoke in between Communication Workers of America strikers. ”What you will be approving tonight is unethical for our children.”

Is that what "reform" is all about? Seems to me, yes. Let's improvise. Let's try this. Let's try that. If it doesn't work, we'll blame the teachers, the union, the schools, close them, fire them, whatever. So what's the point of a deliberative body that barely deliberates and simply says yes to everything? Well, maybe it makes people feel better to get up and complain for two minutes. I've done that. But I never really thought I'd persuade a Bloomberg appointee.

So--why waste money on these meetings? Why not simply issue the proposals, signed and approved by Mayor4Life, and notate, "In your face, students, parents, and teachers," at the end? Maybe a little skull and crossbones to show they mean business. But the fact is, appearances notwithstanding, that's pretty much what we're getting right now.

How many teachers could we hire with the money we saved canceling these kangaroo courts?
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