Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm a Lucky Duckie, Dude

Like, dude, I used to be all, like, let's hold the teachers accountable? And everyone, like, was mean to me just because I never actually passed the tests I said they all needed to pass or get fired? But like now, dude, I'm, like, giving up all my principles? That's right, dude, I take no responsibility for any of the stuff I wrote before, and I'm getting a fresh start while I, like, study education and stuff.

So, like, I don't think anyone will be mad at me anymore now. This is kewl, dude, because now everyone will forget about how I demanded they be fired. And dude, the best is they will forget that, based on the stuff I supported, that I should've been fired too, dude. Because now I don't support that stuff, so I'm all, like, I shouldn't be fired.

Now that doesn't mean I don't have standards. After all, dude, as soon as I get out of this program, I'll have to find a gig where I fire other people. So, like, even though I've publicly renounced all the stuff I've ever said, like, I think the reform folks will, like, read my New York Post piece, the one I complained about because they said pretty much what I wrote, and give me a gig.

But here's the thing. While I'm waiting, I still wanna, like, write for Gotham Schools. I figure, like, maybe if I say I don't believe the stuff I believe the commenters won't, like, be so mean to me. I mean, like, dude, why do they have to take it so personally just because I, like, say they should be fired for, like, doing the same stuff I did? All they have to do is, like, forget all the stuff I said, because I didn't mean it, or at least I'm, like, not meaning it now.

Now later, dude, when I get my high-paying admin gig, that's when I can, like, fire everyone, like Michelle Rhee does. But meanwhile, I'm hoping the readers at Gotham Schools believe I've changed and give me a break. One of the kewl things about Gotham is the folks who run it believe anything I say, and publish whatever no matter how inaccurate or questionable it might be.

Thank goodness, dude, they run with folks like me instead of real, highly experienced teachers. With folks like that, people might get a real idea of what's going on out there. Then, where would folks like me fit in?

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