Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Buddy Day

So hooray for me and screw you, buddy. My father brought that saying back from WWII. I was stuck watching quite a bit more CNN than any human should this week, and after watching the virtual circus of the US Congress unable to muster enough adults to come together and form an agreement to save the credit of the country, I'm amazed that we put up with their nonsense. I haven't heard it mentioned, but I'm certain that they will all get paid as the country goes down the tubes.

How can we accept this? Has Fox News managed to seduce enough of us to believe that we need not pay our debts as long as the very wealthy get tax breaks during good times, bad times, war times, and now, in crisis? Why on earth would an economic policy that applied no matter what the circumstance have any validity? Are we really that credulous?

The big question, of course, is will we make these people pay come next year? Does Obama deserve another chance to waste his and our time trying in vain to come to an agreement? Did any of us really vote to put Social Security and Medicare "on the table?"  It's tough to imagine an alternative in this two party system, but we surely need one. We need grownups in charge, and they're becoming increasingly hard to locate.

(On another note, special thanks to Miss Eyre and Reality-Based Educator, two of the best bloggers and smartest people I know, for covering while I was unavailable.)
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