Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedbugs, Roaches, Etc., Better Yourselves

So some of the city schools have bedbugs. Not bad enough that we have mice, rats, and roaches; no, we have to have bedbugs too, now. I'll be fair and state that most of the bedbug cases are not what you would call "infestations," but rather incidents of one or two bugs that schools by law must report. Still, though, schools do need to be better about pest control in general, particularly during these warm months when the bugs tend to be worse.

Schools in particular that are not vigilant about food and drink stand at worse risk for pest problems. It bothers me a lot that not all teachers in my school, for example, disallow food and drink in the classroom. Yes, I know children come to school hungry sometimes, but no moral imperative says students should be allowed to eat in the classroom. Sure, give the kid breakfast--in the cafeteria. Keeping food in a controlled and frequently cleaned area helps to keep the bugs away.

Also, we have to discourage kids from bringing in sugared and flavored beverages. Not only are most of them full of empty calories, but the sugar also attracts bugs if the drink is spilled and not cleaned up properly. I allow water bottles in my room, and that's it--plain water. Students don't seem to see the connection between the bugs they complain and scream about and the food wrappers and sticky spills they create when they're allowed to drag their bags of snacks everywhere. Pest control in schools is everyone's business.

Now, if the bug is sitting there quietly with a notebook and a pen, ready to take notes, I suppose I won't throw a dictionary at it. But otherwise...
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