Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get Out Your Shovel

Joel Klein has a piece in Atlantic magazine that reeks to high heaven. I'm not linking to it as I think it's bad enough that I had to read it. Spouting the same old nonsense we've heard for the last interminable eight years, Klein blames everyone but himself for what he deems the sad state of American schools.

I'm not quite as concerned about the quality of education as the quality of journalism. Leonie Haimson pretty much let him have it in a Facebook comment, and asked whether or not there are any more fact checkers at magazines anymore. It's not only that, but the fact that typical readers are so poorly informed that they could easily assume Klein is telling the truth.

In fact, if more journalists were doing their jobs, demagogues like Bloomberg and Klein would not be able to exist.  So get out your shovel, bury the article, and then bury the shovel.

After you do that, make plans to join Miss Eyre and me tomorrow at 4 PM. We're marching on Wall Street to ask them to take responsibility for the economy, to pay their fair share rather than dumping the mess on us working stiffs. No more garbage from the autocrats. We've had enough and it's time to tell them, repeatedly, every way we know how, until they get the message.
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