Wednesday, April 13, 2011


That's how this post at NYC Public School Parents blog left me. Nice as it is to read stuff Bill Gates doesn't veto, when you read things like this, you know exactly what journalists are not doing. Why should Leonie Haimson be finding the outrageous contradictions of the Tweedies while tabloid editorial writers, and even some reporters, write ridiculous echoes of billionaire Mike Bloomberg's utterly invalid notions about education?

Can you believe people get paid for this, many times our salaries, and yet the public is like a demented Queen of Hearts calling for the heads of teachers? Newly annointed Chancellor Walcott, though much more articulate and less of an embarrassment than socialite Cathie Black, spouts the same discredited ideas that Bloomberg and Klein have been spewing for a decade. He speaks of the "tremendous job the DOE is doing with our schools," despite the fact that the only prescription they have for improving them is closing them, replacing them, and then closing and replacing the schools they closed and replaced them with.

When faced with the consequences of their idiotic and unnecessary plan to fire almost ten percent of working teachers, they seemed to have no idea how it would affect class size, eventually deciding class size would go up by 1.5. Exactly whose hind quarters that figure came from I couldn't say.

We deserve better from our elected officials. Though Mike Bloomberg bought the office fair and square after weaseling around the term limits law NYC voters twice affirmed, we deserve better from him. And NYC's kids deserve a chancellor who will serve them, rather than the richest man in New York City.

The fact is, this city does not exist for the benefit of Mike Bloomberg. What would it take to make him realize that? A conscientious press corps would preclude this nonsense. Until then, what's a city to do?
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