Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Steps Ahead, Huh?

Love how this Flypaper post is titled "Looking Two Steps Ahead." Maybe I'm just cranky because I'm feeling under the weather (and it's not just the rain) this morning, but I'd like to know how this author gets away with calling herself two steps ahead of anything.

The author has a shocking revelation for us: Cut teacher benefits without increasing salary and that's a decrease in teacher compensation. That might be bad for attracting those all-important talented 22-year-olds into the profession! Hey, maybe we better think about that! Thank God that this author reminded us all of that. It sure hadn't crossed the minds of us stupid working teachers that that just might be a problem.

But maybe she is two steps ahead. It certainly looks like she's two steps ahead of the Wisconsin Republican Senators, who last night exercised the nuclear options in voting down collective bargaining rights for public employees. They clearly haven't thought through the implications of their decision--for example, possibly being recalled by the voters.

Remind me again why teaching looks like a good deal?
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