Friday, March 04, 2011

In Other News...

My teenage daughter has suddenly become obsessed with American Idol. Last year she liked it. This year, it's of vital importance. I'm supposing it forms much of the water cooler discussion at her high school. She's even thinking of auditioning. (Sadly, she sings painfully out of tune. What I learned from watching the auditions with her is anyone who's out of tune is bounced, with amazingly tactful remarks from Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Remarkable how rejected candidates still need to curse, spit and throw things.)

Last week there were a lot of Beatle songs. I grew up listening to the Beatles, love the Beatles, and am sickened by many who presume to do their music. It's sacrilegious or something. Yet my daughter has become suddenly fascinated with the Beatles, and has gotten me to dredge out all my old Beatles CDs. I found the first volume of Anthology, and have no idea where I got it. I was playing it today and realized I had never heard it before.

I have to give credit to the show for turning on young people to this music. I have to suppose there's other good music they get to see, but haven't got the patience to watch and find out. I don't love reality shows, except for cooking competitions. A few years ago, I was temporarily so sick I couldn't eat, and became fascinated with Top Chef. I suppose if I became temporarily deaf I might learn to appreciate American Idol.

All in all, though, it doesn't seem worth it.
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