Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!

In these dark days, it's nice to know that we still have some folks on our side. First, this clip from The Colbert Report, featuring Randi Weingarten, who, whatever your opinion on her, is at least sticking up for our friends in Wisconsin:
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A Less Perfect Union - Randi Weingarten
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Then, Jon Stewart points out the absurdity and vindictiveness of Gov. Walker and his cronies who are trying to strip public sector unions of bargaining rights despite the fact that they have already agreed to major concecssions:
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Crisis in Dairyland - Revenge of the Curds
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So yes, it's nice to have friends in high places, even if they're comedians. For any of our readers outside NYC, myself and NYC Educator are on vacation this week due to winter recess, so I'm actually able to stay awake late enough to watch Stewart and Colbert when they're originally on instead of catching up on the DVR the next day, and it has lifted my spirits considerably, since few other things have been doing that lately (except being on vacation). It reminds me that a lot of reasonable people in this country still believe in doing right by public servants.

And don't forget, we have Fake Rahm Emanuel (MEGA NSFW!!!) on our side too.
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