Monday, February 28, 2011

If You Believe the Mayor...

Because he hasn't yet created sufficient fear and loathing, Mayor4Life Bloomberg has released a list of schools in which layoffs will occur. It's very important to panic not only the teachers, but kids and parents as well.

This is a man who's made his motto "Children First." How does he put children first? Apparently, by letting them know precisely which of their teachers are to be fired. Likely he will explain how getting rid of an objective layoff system will reduce the layoffs--by targeting higher-paid teachers he will be able to retain a higher number of them.

Bloomberg has never been fond of the contract. Though he was successful in negotiating all sorts of givebacks, they are not enough. This mayor wants teachers to be at-will employees, and he's specifically requested the right to to discharge teachers on an "arbitrary and capricious" basis. In an Orwellian moment, chief Bloomberg propagandist Natalie Ravitz "described so-called “last in, first out” layoffs as “an arbitrary standard” that punishes schools that have chosen to hire teachers who are new to the profession." Bloomberg himself asked for such a standard. Were her statement remotely accurate, Ms. Ravitz ought to be dancing in the streets.

Make no mistake, LIFO is an objective standard, that circumvents racism, nepotism, ageism, undue favoritism and the very cronyism that elevated utterly unqualifed Cathie Black to chancellor of the largest school system in the state. The bill in the Senate and Assembly would enable all of the above, despite its nonsensical presentation.

Above you see the Brooklyn Bridge. If indeed you believe Mayor Bloomberg or Natalie Ravitz, I can make you a very good deal on it. In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if the mayor privatized it before I got the chance.
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