Friday, December 31, 2010

Parody Is Serious Stuff

Yesterday Mr. A. Talk wrote a very clever parody of Bloomberg's handling of the snow. Basically, he suggested Bloomberg wanted to blame the teachers for everything that went wrong. This looked pretty far-fetched, of course. Most teachers were snowed in, having the misfortune to not live on Mayor Bloomberg's block.

But a Daily News editorial yesterday made the same point, and they were dead serious.  Apparently, what needs fixing is "lavish pensions," and last in first out layoff for teachers. I could actually retire today if only I could figure how I'd live on that lavish pension. Other Americans have no pension at all. When they read things like that News editorial, not to mention similar nonsense written by "reformers," it makes them understandably angry. Yet rather than asking, "Why the hell haven't I got that?" the question becomes, "How can we take this away from public employees?"

And this is the time to do it, in the eyes of the ever-more--wealthy "reform" crowd, set on getting even more public dollars into their deep pockets. For most of my career public employees made less money than most others. Now many of those who cleaned up while we toiled away are out of work altogether. And now that the geniuses who ruined the economy are setting out to work their magic on the rest of us, Americans see potential savings in making former teachers eat cat food. Naturally, tax cuts for the uber-rich are out of the question, and the GOP is now putting forth the preposterous notion that any new programs must be paid for with cuts elsewhere, but tax cuts need not be paid for at all. In other words, screw your pension, you need to pay so Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch can party.

Bottom line? There is no attack on working people so absurd that some politician or editorial writer won't propose it with a straight face.

Thanks to Ricochet
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