Thursday, December 09, 2010

Overheard: The Importance of Regular Attendance

STUDENT 1: "Hey, wanna buy tickets for the talent show?"

STUDENT 2: "What talent show?"

STUDENT 1: "It's next week. People are gonna be singing and dancing and rapping and all. Should be a good time. Wanna buy a ticket?"

STUDENT 2: "I didn't know about any talent show! I would've tried out!"

[Editor's note: The talent show was announced in October, with tryouts on several school days throughout October and November. Posters have been up around the school for several weeks announcing the dates and performers for the show.]

STUDENT 3: "That's 'cause you never in school! Maybe if you came to school more than once a week, you'd know about this stuff!"

Ah, the importance of regular attendance.
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