Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holiday Break!

Hey, y'all, we made it! Assuming you don't get carried out in a stretcher having fallen victim to a mysterious virus like half a dozen students and teachers from my friend's school did this week, you'll be heading out under your own power today to enjoy the lovely holiday break. I think, by this past Monday, that I was actually counting the seconds, if that's possible. I am totally worn out.

It even looks like we might have a white Christmas. That should throw some creative disruption into everyone's holiday plans, so I might find myself off in the hinterlands with my family of origin and murmuring, "Aw, shucks, guess I'll have to stay another day" as the white stuff falls and sticks to the ground.

So whether you're planning to commemorate the birth of baby Jesus or you're just going to do an Elena Kagan and have some Chinese food and go to the movies, enjoy the well-deserved break. Personally, if I can sleep late even just once or twice, I'll count this one as a stunning success.

Be merry (and safe), educators and friends!
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