Monday, December 27, 2010

Caution--Principals at Work

Kids are annoyingly perceptive. This can be disturbing, forcing us to confront issues we'd rather avoid.  Some pedantic sorts cannot deal with such things at all. Thus, kids are reprimanded, disciplined, shut up, put off and made to express themselves in different ways. Potentially worse for said pedants, though, is when others find out what's been done to the kids and act on their behalf.

At Jamaica High School a group of students representing not only Jamaica but also Queens Collegiate (one of the push-in schools designed to undermine and eventually kill one of New York City's most historic and impressive institutions) got together and wrote a play, a take-off on Antigone that criticized Bloomberg's corporate agenda, and the separate and unequal treatment resulting from it. Their principals, being very smart fellas, forbade the play's performance. As a result, the play was published in the Washington Post. And now the teacher who ran the group that wrote the play has told his story at Huffington.

Thus, many more people are familiar with the play than would have been were it simply performed at the school. It's hard to believe the principals who killed the play had that in mind when they did so. More likely they were deferring to Lord Bloomberg, Mayor for Life, Master of Time, Space, New York City Schools and More Money than Anyone Else in the City.

If these principals are like others I've seen, they regularly preach to teachers about how they need to bring the best out of kids. This notwithstanding, when these kids show originality, creativity, and productivity, it's unwelcome. This is particularly true if it disturbs the neat little political agendas of these principals. Sadly, like Mayor Bloomberg, the education of these students does not seem high on their list of priorities.

There's something very gratifying about seeing their plans blow up in their faces. And this story isn't over. We'll be hearing more about it.

Mike Bloomberg's best buds might own the editorial boards but some people will find and see the truth anyway.

Especially kids. They are the future and will not be stopped.
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