Friday, October 29, 2010

Value Added Is Awesome, Dude

Like, the New York Post called me?  And they were all like, dude, can you write us a column saying to release the test scores?  Because, like, the union is wrong and we're right?  And I was all, like, bitchin', dude!  But they were, like, the New York Post, so I was all, hey, I don't support all that uncool politics, like, Rupert Murdoch and stuff?  But hey, I thought like more people would read it, so I was all like, hey, let's do it, dude!

But then it came out, and it was all, well, I was all for releasing the scores because, like, not releasing them could make the union look, ya know, bad and stuff?  And like, I want to look good.  So then I was all, like, hey, let's release the grades, but let's let people know that there's other stuff we do in schools, like learning and stuff, which I, ya know, think is way cool.  And that, like, I don't just give tests in my class, but that we do all this other stuff that's mad cool.  And like, the other day, I was, like, absent, so I stayed home and watched TV and the next day they were all, like, hey dude, where ya been?

So anyway, what I want to say is, like, I want to be one of those reformer guys?  Like, I could make up cool new stuff to do in schools and get paid for it and then I could tell everyone else to do all the cool awesome stuff that I do?   And we could, like, go out to lunch and stuff?  So, anyway, they released my grades and they weren't so good, but this makes me want to make my next grades totally AWESOME, dude.  And so they should do that for, like, everyone?

But they should be, like, careful when they do it.  And the Post piece made it look, uhhh, like I didn't want to be careful but I definitely do, dude.  Actually they, ya know, said I want them to be careful but I'm just writing this so I can, ya know, say it again?  So anyway, just because I'm in the Post saying we should release the scores don't think I want to just, you know, do it, because I think we should be, like, careful, you know? 

And, like, I just want to say that dude over at South Bronx School, was like, not nice, and like, I've been, ya know, thinking and stuff?  And what I think is, like, the world would be better if people were nicer.  You have to give Joel Klein a chance, because, like he might have some good ideas, and you can't just be, like, don't release all that data just because it's invalid, or close all those schools with no plan to improve them.  It's because I, like see both sides at the same time, because I'm, like, complicated?

So while scores are, like, gnarly, even if mine are not so good? I just want to say that while I support them, they just need to be careful, and the Post article was all like, saying that but I just wanted to, like, say it again, kinda like I didn't say it before? 

Like, thanks, dudes.
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