Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Schooling Carl Paladino

Since Carl Paladino is, by some measures, down as much as thirty-five points against Andrew Cuomo, I'm not sure how much point this blog post might have. But since I gave 90 minutes of my life to watching the gubernatorial debate this eve (I must subconsciously believe I'm still a social studies teacher), I figured I'd follow it up with a blog posting about everyone's favorite opponent of men in Speedos bumping and grinding (CLEARLY the biggest problem New York State faces), Carl Paladino.

First, Mr. Paladino, the word you were looking for at the beginning of the debate was "dismantle," rather than "dismember," in reference to the state education department. Because while Ms. Tisch and her cohorts and I have certainly had our differences, I would rather not see them dismembered. The technical definition of dismember may be quite similar to "dismantle," true. But still, connotation matters, as I try to teach my students. (Badly, apparently, because I am a member of an EVIL EVIL UNION.)

Also, Mr. Paladino, the EVIL EVIL UNION that is so EVIL you cannot remember its name is the New York State United Teachers. It is not, as you call it, the United Union of Teachers. Although I enjoy tautologies as much as the next blogger, and think United Union of Teachers is sort of catchy, still, please do try to get our name right if you're going to crucify us in a public debate.

Finally, Mr. Paladino, since I try to be a generous opponent, I will tell you that I think your bracelets are awesome. Seriously. It's a sweet gesture.

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