Monday, June 14, 2010

Michael Bloomberg, Indispensible Financial Genius, Tosses 30 Million Tax Dollars in Trash

It's well known that Mayor Bloomberg's absolute mastery of finance necessitated tossing the term limits law, twice affirmed by voters, straight into the dumpster.  We couldn't possibly do without him, and the fact that his polls indicated he had no shot at the presidency in 2008 did not remotely influence his decision.  In yet another inspired decision, out of personal animosity, Mayor Bloomberg saw fit to withhold the lease of the family who'd run Tavern on the Green since 1974

Apparently, their 86 million dollar bid was not as attractive as the 57 million dollar bid the city accepted, by a gentleman who "made a lot of promises."  This, apparently, is important in the world of city politics.  Also, the finances of the woman who offered the 86 mil were questionable.  You have to take into question the character of the applicants, of course.

Oddly, Mayor Bloomberg's chosen candidate never managed to open the restaurant.  He was unable to come to an agreement with unionized employees.  It makes one wonder whether the inability to deal with unions is a prerequisite to doing business with the city nowadays.

It's odd that, under the concept "Race to the Top," Mayor Bloomberg's best bud Barack demeans and cheapens one of the most worthy and meaningful professions a person could aspire to, with neither research nor history to support his corporate-backed ideas.  Back home, Mayor Mike has managed to take a world-famous, world-class restaurant and turn it into a hot dog stand.

Which is precisely what the United States will be if we leave these autocrats to run it.  It's also where many of us could end up working if they aren't stopped, and soon.

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