Friday, June 25, 2010

Klein Considers Doing Something Sensible

It appears the September master plan of having kids come in for the first time on Wednesday, then being off until the following Monday has got Tweed thinking.  This is a positive step.  Had they begun this earlier, kids certainly wouldn't be coming in for a full day today.  In fact, they won't be coming home for a full day today.  They'll be in the park, at the beach, at home, at their friends' homes laughing at the likes of us.

I'll be watching my daughter graduate from junior high school, thank you very much.  Someone else will have to see the handful of my kids who show up, if even that many should bother.

If Tweed persists with its plan to drag kids in on a September Wednesday, I'll explain the rules to the few kids who show up.  Then, I suppose, I'll do it again on Monday, when the majority shows.

Tweedies don't think like that.  That's because they aren't teachers, they've never attended public schools, their kids don't attend public schools, and beyond the thin facade of boilerplate edu-jargon, they haven't got the remotest notion of what the hell goes on in public schools.

If they do the right thing here, it will be the exception that proves the rule.   Unsolicited advice to UFT leadership--offer nothing for this, no more, no less.  If they want 80,000 teachers to teach 200,000 kids one day, fine.  If they want to look like idiots, it's their absolute right, and we need sacrifice nothing to help them.

If they want favors, let them offer us a fair contract, even if it means dipping into Mayor Bloomberg's 3.2 billion dollar slush fund.
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