Saturday, June 05, 2010

How Mayor Bloomberg Puts Children First--He Fires their Teachers, Breaking Yet Another Promise

Actually, first he threatened to fire 4400 teachers.  Then he unilaterally declared neither teachers nor supervisors would get raises for two years, blatantly violating the Taylor Law, and promised no teacher layoffs as a result.   This move was praised by the "liberal" New York Times. 

Bloomberg also violated NYC's prime directive of pattern bargaining no matter what.  Apparently, when the pattern is not a piece of crap, it's not important to maintain it.  Finally, after doing all that, he says he may just fire the teachers anyway.

Because it's his city, he's the mayor, and he can do what the hell he wants.

Over the last few weeks we've given him the rubber room agreement, the new rating plan, and the raising of the charter cap.  As far as I can tell, we've gotten absolutely nothing in return.

Except this, of course.
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