Monday, May 17, 2010

Today's Special--Good News!

Fred Klonsky reports that the Rhode Island teachers who were fired (with the blessing of President Change You Can Bring to the Unemployment Line and his stooge Arne) have gotten their jobs back!  Personally, I'm grateful for each and every crumb of lucidity in this country.  I'd like a little more clarity as to what the agreement entails, but it's good they stopped this particularly boneheaded action.

Fred also notes that "reformers" are upset with this turn of events.  To serve kids better, apparently, we have to make sure they grow up in a world in which they can be fired at will by adminstrators who refuse to take any responsibility for the school systems they run.  By firing their teachers, we also absolve politicians, communities, and the moneyed interests that manipulate education for their own self-serving ends.  Instead, we dump it all on the shoulders of working Americans--which most if not all public school kids are destined to become.  

Money quote, from Fred:

"They only win when teachers and students lose."
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